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About Claudia Perez, Ph.D./RN

I am a clinical psychologist specializing in individual, group, and couples therapy. In my 28 years of practice, my focus has been on relationship issues, trauma, and life stage issues, in addition to general difficulties associated with depression and anxiety. I hold an advanced certification in EMDR. I work and teach at the MindTherapy Clinic in Corte Madera and have been Clinical Director at the A.P.P.L.E. Family Center, a Faculty Lecturer and postgraduate fellow at UCSF, and a supervisor at Haight Ashbury Psychological Services.  I have recently served as President of the Marin County Psychological Association for 2 years. I received my Graduate training at NYU and the California Graduate School of Marital and Family Therapy. I am also a Registered Nurse and strongly believe in the mind/body connection. I have a particular interest in health psychology and grief. I also work with Children of Holocaust Survivors.

I have created  “Talky2,” the world’s first relationship enhancement App..​

Fees and Services

I charge $225.00 for a 55 minute session. I do have a sliding scale if your circumstances do not allow you to pay my full fee. I do not accept insurance but can provide a billing statement that you can submit.  I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Please call 415.453.8567 for more information and a brief telephone consultation to discuss your concerns.


We were frozen and couldn't proceed. You are the catalyst...

"I want to thank you [Claudia] for your advice which was well taken. You are a big part of this reunion. Your direct but kind way with [my husband] was just what we needed because we were frozen and couldn't proceed. You are the catalyst for this, and I want you to know that. I have such great respect and appreciation for what you do.  [My husband] does not see 'shrinks' and it was a big step for him to suggest our getting help.   You've helped me so much through my depression years and now you've helped both [of us] see another way. "



The Price Of Arguing Too Much, And For Too Long: What About the Kids?
By Claudia Perez, Ph.D.
​When parents argue too much and for too long, their children internalize negative feelings and thoughts. This turbulent input most often leads to anxiety and or fear.  The continued experience threatens a child’s sense of safety.  It is not a parent’s intent to harm or cause pain, but when stressed or full of resentments, parental behaviors are self-serving and the child becomes the recipient of this negative experience.  Continued discord between parents who have become self absorbed in and reactive to their own drama, can lead to a child feeling as if they are invisible. Parents forget that children are highly sensitive to bickering or daily arguments…….. many, always on high alert. Bedroom walls are permeable and phones are now extensions of ourselves.  Earlier and earlier in their lives, children are aware that divorce is commonplace among their schoolmates and they are frightened it may happen to them.

​ The experience of home feeling safe, warm and nurturing is what every child wants and deserves, regardless of the configuration of today’s modern family. Being party to continued direct or indirect fighting between parents, youngsters can become confused and nervous.  They see television shows or look at picture books that portray happy families.  When adults make nasty comments, are sarcastic or blaming, children wonder if they are the cause. Did I do something wrong? Was I bad?  The negativity can be as subtle as eye rolling or the silent treatment or as overt as screaming or pushing… know their parents are at odds. In the heat of the moment, mom or dad are often unaware that they are disrespecting their child.  Many kids feel they do not matter, some take on the role of peacemaker and some children believe if only they did the right thing, the fighting will stop.

Sometimes, one parent may inappropriately befriend a child and make them their confidant in place of their spouse. Others can unconsciously foster messengering, t communicate for them, and out of necessity the other parent may return the favor. Some kids endure the wrath of the blamer, who often badmouths the other parent. Young children are concrete in their thinking and this behavior further burdens a child. Loyalties are called into play as they are caught in the middle. Despite the role of the chosen child, which can elevate their notion of self, the importance is short lived. As a child matures, they have enough to do developmentally and this added pressure can be most destructive.

​ ​I have written two unique Children’s books “The WilliNewbies” and “Love Me.” The lyrical words and illustrations speak directly to children, while imparting a poignant and important message to parents.  The stories have been reviewed by Rosalind Sedacca, TheVoice of Child-Centered Divorce 


My Two Children's Books "Love Me" and "The WilliNewbies"

"Love Me" and "The WilliNewbies" “The WilliNewbies” explains and illustrates the feelings of fear and anxiety that many children experience, when their parents argue too much and for too long.  “Love Me” reminds parents to respect and honor their children, everyday and in every way, to love unconditionally and to see each child as unique and special regardless of what life throws your way. 

Love Me" is a wonderful reminder to parents about how much their children need be loved and feel loved. Dr. Perez’s message is one that needs to be reinforcedby teachers, clergy and parenting groups so that children everywhere arerespected and valued for who they are!

​ In “The Willinewbies,” Claudia Perez, PhD tackles the challenges of helping children cope with the fear and anxiety that comes when their parents fight aloud. Beautifully illustrated, this book captures the emotional turmoil children feel and reminds parents they have a responsibility to safeguard their children when conflict gets out of control.

Go to to get more information, see pages and get discount codes for Amazon and I offer a first shipment at cost to Attorneys, Therapists, Counselors and Teachers and at a very reduced rate thereafter.

​"Dr.Perez’s blog is relevant for all parents – whether living in an intact,divorced, stepfamily, or blended family. Keeping conflict low in a home is important for the healthy development of all children. your comments. Terry Gaspard